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  • Need of websites for legal services
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There are some very good reasons for legal firms to have a website. It allows you to be more reachable allowing your customers more easy access to you than any other mode of communication. It helps you build trust and credibility not only among your customers but also among your peers with content such as references, testimonials and blog posts that demonstrate your collective experience and expertise to visitors. It provides information to your users that they voluntarily consume.It also provides you access to the many forms of digital marketing that are cheaper than conventional advertising mediums but more effective at the same time. Getting started with your own website requires you to have an understanding of what kind of website service you will need for things you want.

Web Design For Law Firms

A lot of different types of organisations fall under the umbrella of legal services. You have corporate law. Employment and labor law, finance and securities law, mergers and acquisitions, family etc. areas and each of them may serve different clientele. That is why it is important for you to get a design for your website that best reflects the culture, personality and temperament of your organisation.We can create a look and feel for your website that provides an experience that is unique to how your organisation. You can expect development and customization of both static HTML templates and theme files for popular Content Management Systems (CMS). Landing Page Design While website designing deals with the general look and feel of your website, landing page design is intended to be a marketing tool aimed at attracting customers to a specific product or service. These pages are aimed to inform the audience and get them to take specific actions such actions such as signing up for a newsletter, book a consultation, or contact your organization for a very specific service. This is the step where you make your push to interested customers to finally engage your organisation and become your customers.We understand what kind of targeting you are focussing on and deliver the best landing page for your needs. We also support A/B testing for performance. Responsive Website Design Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and faster mobile internet connectivity, more and more people are able to access the internet on the go. The internet usage on mobile devices is now greater than that of desktop computers. This means that now you you have to make sure that you are providing the same high quality usage experience across a number of different devices. However your website design cannot always handle all these changing screen dimensions unless it has been developed to do so. That is where our creative responsive web design comes in to help you. Web Application Development A website is just a piece of document designed to look pretty and show information like a signboard unless you generate dynamically according to a logic executed by a software program sitting on a remote server. Then it becomes a web application that can carry out complex tasks like storing data, managing your calendar, automating your communications and also allow messaging different parties through IM or email. We can create a software service backbone for your organisation that empowers any employee to do their task more efficiently and free from errors. You only need to focus on what results you want to get and we will develop the software to get it for you.


Have multiple third party partners who rely on communication from you? We can augment your web applications to support software that relies on your data to provide value added services. They can be anything from your own web pages running javascripts in browsers, mobile apps, or other website and cloud applications. Whenever you need to exchange data with another service robustly and securely, we can create web service APIs that you can use to communicate with your 3rd party partners to use their services or extend your services to them in a programmatic manner. Depending on your requirements you can add different applications to your web application suite to get the software organisation that best suites your needs.

Content Management and Blogging Systems Development

The best way to engage users is through providing them with useful and interesting content that can assure them of your domain knowledge and expertise. Instead creating or updating a page manually every time you need to add new information you can employ a CMS and blogging system on your website. It allows you to add, change and delete new pages and blog post updates whenever you feel like it without you needing to gather any technical expertise. Managing the content on the entire website becomes a very simple task. We provide Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal development for legal services.

Project Management System Development

It is difficult to focus on managing projects manually when you are under heavy time, budget and legal constraints. That is why it is simpler to establish a mechanism to assign projects efficiently beforehand so you can cut down on delays and improve customer satisfaction. That is why we set you up with a system that can help you create new projects, assign workers to them, allow them to message each other, maintain to-do lists, maintain milestones and deadlines and share files with each other. We can additionally add components such as Kanban boards, Gantt Charts and time trackers to help you track requests, visualize data and work sessions more accurately.

Accounting and billing

We also provide accounting and billing modules on project management solutions to help you with both time and expense capture as well as track special billing. We allow you to generate reports and invoices when you are ready to bill customers and automate the process over a period of time. You can decide how you want to bill customers and bill them accordingly. Since we provide accounting with billing there is little to no duplication, re-typing and mis-typing of data when it is time to bill your customers. There are no discrepancies in your billing and your clients are always billed right.

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