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Pay Per Click Marketing

    PPC for Law firms
  • Need for PPC 100
  • Cheaper than traditional marketing 100
  • Payment for performance 100
    PPC Services
  • Search Based 50
    • Google Adwords 100
    • Bing Ads 100
  • Display Ads 100
  • Mobile Ads 100
  • Social Media Ads 200w
  • Challenges and need to work well 100w

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a very effective way to gather leads for your business and works in tandem with your SEO efforts. While SEO is a great way to build steady to traffic, you may sometimes be in a need for a more immediate solution. Say for example you have planned a limited period discount on your consultation fee or need to promote a special seminar that you are hosting and require more sign-ups. PPC advertising opens up prime placements for a preset cost per interaction. The name Pay Per Click is slightly misleading because PPC ad publisher do not only provide pricing for clicks but also against other factors such as impressions and even conversions with very flexible options for charging you for results. If done smartly, you stand to gain a great return on your investments.

PPC is Cost Effective

PPC might have higher operational costs than SEO in the long run but it is still a cheaper option compared to more traditional forms of marketing such as commercials on TV and radio, billboards and radio ads. The traditional methods of promotions consume your entire marketing budget in generating more impressions, often showing ads to people who are not even interested in immediately hiring your legal service. There is also no way to know how much business you have gained from these mediums unless you employ some really complicated sales mechanism which may or may not cost you conversions due higher complexity of completing a transaction.

You Pay Only For Results

PPC campaigns are more targeted towards people you choose to acquire and you can cast broader or narrower nets for the same budget. You can tweak the entire campaign on basis of demographics, behavior, interests and a whole plethora of dimensions and push your ad to people who are looking to immediately sign up with you. Different PPC networks are evolving and allowing you to frame ads such that they get tailored more towards the person seeing it. This is very difficult to achieve with traditional marketing and would require you to spend more money whereas PPC charges you in exchange for results.

Different Options to Choose From

Search Based PPC (Search Network Ads)

Search based PPC is showing textual links to your pages on search engine results pages for terms you choose. The process involves an auction for available positions on results pages and you are allocated a placement only when you are likely to get a click and you are the highest bidder for the position in the pool of advertisers. Your ads get shown on a rotation basis so that every advertiser gets a fair chance.

Google Adwords

Google’s Adwords network allows you to place ads on their search engine results page among other things. Google’s dominant position as the most used search engine makes it a good source to gather qualified leads from. You can be assured that there is always going to be some result for your investment.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is Microsoft's answer to Adwords and pretty much does the same things as Adwords. Bing may not be as popular as Google but it still has its fair share of users who will respond to your ads. This is a lucrative option because it can be cheaper than Google while delivering satisfactory results.

Display Network Ads

Different web owners may offer up placement areas on their web pages to different networks to monetize their websites with ad money that you pay to the networks. Google Adwords and Bing Ads both provide display ads along with many other networks that you can choose to promote your services on. These ads usually feature a promotional image that is displayed in a banner ad along with creative title and ad description. These are ads that are displayed in context of the pages they are being displayed on. Most often they will also allow you to choose where you want to place the ads and allow you to choose between different ad formats to achieve the best visual appeal.

Mobile Ads

There are a great many number of users who use the internet on their handheld devices and it is great if you can access that user base. Sure search ads and display ads can be shown on mobile devices. But with mobile devices there comes the additional to target users using monetized mobile apps. You can display your ads while users are taking meaningful action in apps and encourage them to try out your service. Mobile ads can be used to make more personal ads that can convert more than one person by provoking buzz in the real world.

Social Media Ads

Social Media websites are the best placements for your ads because people share their personal interest with each other voluntarily. This is perhaps the most flexible format of ads in terms of content. These networks rely on you to create engaging posts that interest its audience. These are great because they have access to personal preference of their users and can be very accurate in showing ads in relevant places. Since the audience is already on their favorite social media, they can be genuinely interested and can share your promoted posts with others in their network. This improves your reach further and you get more results than anticipated.

The Challenges

You now know of the various options available to you. However there are also things you need to consider. Placements for legal services on PPC networks is more expensive compared to any other organisation. Some law firms have been known to spend as much as $100 on clicks and when you are on a tight budget, abandoning paid search starts looking like the option you will have to take. The competition on these networks are also of a great magnitude and there is a huge maze of lawyers that you need to stand out above that will get you the result that you need.On top of that you might end up with people who were not interested in your category of law practice. These are some deterrents you can face when you try to manage your ad campaigns without a skilled partner.

The Legal Marketing PPC marketing service can help you differentiate yourself from the competition, make sure qualified leads are engaged in your message and create ads that speak to the user’s intent and readiness to hire your services.

Your website can truly act as a differentiator for your law firm with a well planned law firm PPC strategy married to the SEO strategy. A well planned and meticulously executed Lawyer PPC strategy is bound to lead to more traffic for your website, which has a direct bearing on the number of prospects that get converted to clients.

What makes The Legal Marketing’s PPC strategy so unique and value for money?

ROI focused – An attorney PPC strategy, if focused on a qualified set of audiences, is bound to yield more converts per dollar invested, and that’s the core philosophy behind all activities carried out by our digital marketing experts.

Interactive strategy building and transparent reporting – We believe that for the best results, a digital marketing strategy should be an outcome of inputs from both parties, and that’s why we present you monthly reports pertaining to email and call tracking, chat leads, average cost per click, keyword performance, and collaborate with you to fine tune the strategy more effective results.

Tailor made for you - We never lose track of the investment you make into the PPC program, and ensure that the outcomes justify the costs. Moreover, we fine tune the PPC strategy to meet your prioritized goals.

Targeted – We take out generality from the PPC strategy, and make it very focused and targeted. Specific target audiences, specific service lines, and specific areas – we take care of all the aspects.

Expect real results from our PPC campaigns, and trust our teams of experts to get the best results and best ROI for you.

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