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    • Access control and security
      • Administrative control
      • User Role Allocation
    • Document production & management
    • Accounting and billing
    • Payroll and project management

About 91% of legal professionals are using smartphones but their usage is still restricted to basic calendering, calls, texts and email. Despite good technology being available, there is little positive impact for law firms when it comes to customer experience and employee productivity. It is a simple part of making your employees more connected to the rest of their work ecosystem which is perfectly capable of making them work better and faster. It is now imperative that legal services use as little legacy systems as possible and embrace new technologies to get ahead of the curve or risk being left behind the competition. The Legal Marketing will help you add value to your services.With our services you can open a unique channel and help you understand and satisfy the needs of your clients.

The Legal Marketing services will...

.. help you promote your firm. We can help you build recognition for your firm and announce your presence to potential clients through much more personal mediums that truly resonate with them relationships with clients that have true value. Law firms that engage clients with before they are needed are the ones that convert the most clients. We help you encourage customers’ loyalty. Whether your potential customer chooses you or leaves without interacting, we can help you continuously engage with them till you build complete trust, which will result in repeat business. .. assist you in protecting and supporting your customers at any time. With our IT services you can create an infrastructure where your clients are in constant contact with you and can enlist your services whenever they feel like it. We also help you respond to requests and queries even faster allowing you to serve your clients better. you time and money. With the right software you can automate recurring tasks that you would usually source to another party and get work done faster on on demand. you generate referrals. We can help you incentivize word of mouth and encourage existing clientele to spread the word of your service. This will help you retain customers and reach out to new client.

The Legal Marketing excels in providing solutions for...

Outreach We have the most skilled professionals who are skilled at Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) inbound marketing to reach out to people, get their interest and encourage them to work with you. These professionals who study your the length and breadth of your organisation, engineer different interaction models for your users and allow you to create unique experience for users and decide how you are going to convert your customers. Our services are analytical, repeatable and evolving which means we will help you understand what people who are interested in your service really want and help you give it to them.

Administrative Control

We excel at creating administrative control systems that help you monitor, manage and modify the flow of execution in your organisation. You can provide and remove access to resources and data, assign different projects to people, assign different roles on projects, and monitor work performance really fast. You can even connect to customers through it and take their input for improvements and address their grievances through these systems. We can help build you a system where you are in control of the direction that your organisation takes and decide the quality of the service that you will be providing to your customers.

Document production & management

An indispensable part of any legal service is handling the constant barrage of documentation and poring over it meticulously to catch even the smallest bit of information that can help you understand and resolve a situation. We provide systems that make the job of creating, sharing and controlling access to documents an easy job. You can easily make changes, annotate them, manage revisions and refer them to others easily. We help you store your document securely, allow you to access them remotely and collaborate easily. You can achieve that uptick in productivity that you previously thought was only reserved for large scale organizations.

Accounting and billing

We can help you set up an application ecosystem where you can track work accurately and bill your clients in a transparent manner. Maintaining track of different expenses and costs for providing your services and tracking reimbursement can be done completely electronically and in a timely manner. There is no wasted time for compiling reports for audits and records can be accessed in a matter of a few keystrokes. Our software suite also make the job of filing your taxes a much easier job. We support the generation of any type of custom report with any type of scheduling so that you have timely updates on all important accounts.

Payroll and project management

We help you manage and assign roles, tasks, and responsibilities on different projects. You can accurately track progress of different tasks, convey requests and changes, and examine the quality of the work being done as it progresses. You can accurately measure and subsequently allocate remuneration for your employees by measuring their performance and automate the process.You can use the data to create better incentive plans for your employees and identify which areas of your organisation are falling behind. We offer solutions that can help your upper management make the smartest decisions. You can dynamically rearrange teams to find the right fit for perfect results and get better results in your operations.


Confidentiality is synonymous with the operations of any legal service. Keeping potentially damning data under wraps and evidence safe is the most important task for any legal service. We can help you keep the the integrity of your data intact and prevent any unauthorised access to it. We are skilled at employing the best security standards in the industry that will protect you and your client behind an impregnable wall. We make sure that only those people you intend have access to sensitive and eliminate even the slightest possibility of data leaks. We support not only SSL and TLS level security, we can also provide storage level encryption with algorithms like AES and RSA.

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